Shaping Places

Shaping Places introduced young people to the process of change in a part of their locality, with projects in 15 schools across the South East. It generated a substantial body of knowledge about the scope of environmental design studies, identified possible content and appropriate methods, and made explicit the contributions from different subject disciplines and professions. This was commissioned by SEEDA, CABE and Arts Council, South East

The Shaping Places publication, available in both hard copy and web-based formats, explains what has been learned through this inter-professional collaboration.

“Normally we study buildings or towns or cities from a book, but this project is real, and we can see all of the difference we have made.” Year 8 pupil from Clarendon House Grammar School, Ramsgate

“In motivating pupils, it was important that they were working on a project that is happening in real life in an area they know and where some of their friends live. The learning activities were interesting and new to them.” Teacher from Temple School, Strood


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