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This public realm initiative commissioned by SEEDA, jointly managed by Solent Centre for Architecture + Design and Kent Architecture Centre, brought together three Universities and their respective City Councils to share knowledge and ideas. Architecture and engineering students from Brighton, Portsmouth and Southampton presented their ideas for a temporary transformation of a public space in each of their respective cities, in response to a brief developed by client groups from each of the three City Councils.

Each of the three temporary transformations were designed to stimulate interest in and provoke debate about improving a key, but under-performing, public space, and took place in June and July 09.

Brighton Architecture student proposals for Brighton’s Valley Gardens formed part of the ‘Walking Woods’ temporary transformation, introducing 700 trees to the Gardens.

“The project enabled us to bring together councillors and officers at all levels with academics and students, which showed me the value of working across hierarchies, putting all that aside and not being burdened by procedure or process. The project brought refreshment and energy and engendered a spirit of working as a team from day one, demonstrating a new level of community participation for us.” Martin Randall, Assistant Director – City Planner, Brighton & Hove City Council


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